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01 June 2011 @ 04:22 pm
The page will be available, but may look a little crazy at times.

Posting will still be open.

…that subscribing to any religion means you’re either hopeless, an idiot, or schizophrenic.

Shit happens.

Faith, spirituality, religion, whatever you call it, it gets you through it.

At least it did for me when my vision got a little dark...

29 November 2010 @ 03:37 pm
One of my dearest friends is a tool.

As I've told him before, he's like a Swiss-Army knife; he's not that biggest and brightest in the shed, but he sure has a lot of uses. In particular, he's whipped, like, pistol-whipped, but by a girl (of course) and it irks me, genuinely irks me to the point where I have to use the word "irk" that he will literally drop everything to do her bidding. Now, it's not that this girl is horrible and takes advantage of him, if anything, he offers himself and his service at some level between being a prostitute or a manservant....A prostiservant? Either way, you gotta look at people like that and go, "...Are you retarded? Where is your dignity? Where is your pride??" And then I remember that he tossed those out the window in favor of getting the highest glory he could ever hope to achieve: being a friend. -__-

It boggles the mind. And makes me wanna throw something.
15 November 2010 @ 02:12 am
ONCE AGAIN, I would like to apologize for being absent forever. I am in my second year of college, and am starting to work towards a Journalism and Political Science major. It's time consuming to say the least. I promise that I have been reading all of the the posts though!

     I don't even know where to begin. I personally hate making rants dedicated to people that I see as my friend, but at the same time just because they are my friend doesn't mean I have to agree with everything they say or do. I digress, nonetheless.

    So the issue I'm having is when people decide they have to have an opinion on everything. It's not because they have an opinion on an issue worth presenting, it's the facts that they are so full of themselves that they have to speak all the damn time. I'm trying to make this rant as non specific as possible, so it can understood by everyone. I think we all have one friend that always has an anecdote about an issue, or has a stance on shit that doesn't even require a standpoint. It's fucking narcissism at its finest: you think a conversation cannot be worthwhile unless you have input. I just don't understand why everyone is talking, and nobody is listening.
09 September 2010 @ 08:13 am
I really do not see the big deal with passing off a moissanite as a diamond. Moissanite is so similar to diamonds that, in my opinion, they are one and the same. A diamond is just an overpriced moissanite. They both do the exact same thing: sparkle and act as a sentimental symbol of my engagement. So why spend the extra money on a certain clear rock just because it has a name? Diamonds are only considered so prestigious and unsurpassable because of De Beers' marketing. They are not actually better. They do not offer anything that moissanite doesn't have. In my opinion, I AM getting a diamond, but I am getting a much better price for mine. I'm just a smart shopper.

I would never buy a "designer" purse, even though I could afford one. In the end, the designer name means nothing. A designer purse is still just an overpriced purse and a purse without a designer name can be exactly the same, or better even. If someone has a designer purse they spent $2,000 on, and I go buy a very similar bag of the exact same quality from another store for $150, did I get a different thing? No. Am I "lying" to everyone because people assume it is a designer purse? If that is lying, tons of people are lying everyday about all sorts of things. Dyed hair, makeup, boob jobs, you name it. I have a friend who got a nose job, is he now supposed to tell anyone who ever compliments his face that his nose is fake, otherwise he's "lying"? I don't see why this is so different when it comes to sparkly rocks. Frankly, if I can have the same "designer" product for less cost, I got a fantastic deal! I don't feel obligated to ruin that by telling everyone that my purse isn't designer. Diamonds are the designer purses of the engagement ring world.

Even if it could be considered "lying" to let people assume whatever about my ring, so what? How exactly does passing off one rock for another rock hurt anyone? If someone assumes my moissanite is a diamond and I don't tell them otherwise, that does not effect them in any way. I have trouble feeling guilty for things that do not do any damage to anyone. The only person who should care about what is on my finger is me and my SO. HOW IS IT ANYONE ELSE's BUSINESS? In what way am I obligated to tell anyone what my engagement ring is made of? It's an engagement ring. It means that I am engaged. That is all anyone is privvy to.

If someone actually has the audacity to ask me if my stone is real, I will scoff at them and tell them it is (Hey, it's a genuine moissanite, not a "fake diamond". It's not even a lie). If they are that rude and materialistic about my engagement ring, they are not deserving of my time or sincerity anyway. The only reason they could possibly care whether or not my stone is a diamond is because they are jealous of the size and beauty of it and want a reason to feel better about their smaller and less sparkly rock (as if the fact theirs is a diamond somehow makes it better next to a more impressive stone). I have no sympathy for them the same way I have no sympathy for someone who bought a $2000 purse. They paid more for less. They should have bought a moissanite too! :)

Yes, I want the look and sparkle of a diamond. I can have a huge diamond that will still allow me to move to a bigger house five years sooner. It's called a moissanite. With moissnite, the size, setting and quality of my dreams is possible without breaking the bank. I am getting the exact same thing someone with a diamond has. No one, not even me, will know the difference. There isn't one. Why should I have to act as though I do not have a diamond when the two rocks do the exact same thing anyway? Sorry, but I am sick and tired of being told I should have do to anything differently just because I didn't fall for the diamond industry's bull.