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FAQ and Question Thread.

Please read the rules and such here before asking any questions that might have already been covered.

Clarification and other questions can be asked here.

How do I post so that my post won't be deleted?

A visual example can be seen here. The rules are pretty simple, just know that your images can be no wider than 400 px (if they are put them under the cut). Videos must be provided via link. And no pornographic images/videos or references are allowed, other than that go crazy.

What is the limit when it comes to posting and commenting?

You can comment on any OMC as many times as you want. However, there is a limit of 3 posts per day. I won't be counting 1..2...3..4, but if it is apparent that you have posted a large amount in a day, they will be deleted.

What is an lj cut & when do I use it?

An LJ cut is used to shorten your post, it provides a link to the rest of your rant. You use it when you have a long post, or when you have a picture that is larger than 400 px wide.

Do you need any moderators?

As of right now we are looking for about 2 more moderators right now, message me if you are interested.

Any additional questions can be commented on this post.

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