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One of my dearest friends is a tool.

As I've told him before, he's like a Swiss-Army knife; he's not that biggest and brightest in the shed, but he sure has a lot of uses. In particular, he's whipped, like, pistol-whipped, but by a girl (of course) and it irks me, genuinely irks me to the point where I have to use the word "irk" that he will literally drop everything to do her bidding. Now, it's not that this girl is horrible and takes advantage of him, if anything, he offers himself and his service at some level between being a prostitute or a manservant....A prostiservant? Either way, you gotta look at people like that and go, "...Are you retarded? Where is your dignity? Where is your pride??" And then I remember that he tossed those out the window in favor of getting the highest glory he could ever hope to achieve: being a friend. -__-

It boggles the mind. And makes me wanna throw something.
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