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offofmychest's Journal

Off Of My Chest
Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated
Get what's out of your hands, off of your chest.

You ever have something that bothers you that you have no reason to rant about? Well this is the place for you. The point of
this community is to rant about things that simply grind your gears.

FIRST Tell what your annoyed by
SECOND If needed, explain or show what your peeve is. This can be done by posting a pic,video, or simply explaining it.
THIRD Tell exactly why this gets on your nerves.
OVERALL Make your post as original as possible, make it stand out. Make it as long as you want, just follow the RULES (stated
below), and it won't be removed. See the "Examples" Section below for the Do's and Don't s of the community.

These people will be enforcing the rules (stated below):
_jacquelyn Maintainer
Currently, more moderators are needed, send a message to me if you are interested

1) No hateful (along the lines of racist, homophobic, and Anti-Semitic) OMC's. Period. *~
2) No Spamming. ~
3) Be nice. Just because you may not agree with a peeve does not make that person a "dumbass" and their mother a
"whore". ~
4) Don't overdo it. It's okay to post more than one OMC (Off My Chest) a day, but after THREE, take a break. *
5) If your rant is long (or if it has many pictures), please make a cut for it.*
6) You are not obligated to use pictures, however, if you are going to use pictures they can be no bigger than 400 pixels wide.
You can resize them HERE. If that does not work please put them under the cut.*
7) Instead of posting a video (e.g. Youtube), provide the link to the video instead
8) No adverting and/or spamming. *~
9) No duplicate posts, If we didn't read/comment on it the first time, don't bother. *
10) Please for the sake of modern English literature, use proper grammar. I'm not asking you to be a Rembrandt with words,
just do not use #'s for symbols, atrocious spelling, and an abundant amount of slang. Just don't... *
11) Keep it "somewhat" clean, this means no links, videos, pictures that are pornographic in nature. *~
12)I'm not going to take the virgin ear stance: You can use profanity (sometimes you just can't find a better word), but just
know if you use the word "fuck" 5 times in a ten word sentence, you'll look stupid.
* - your post(s) will be deleted
~ - will cause a warning/consequence.

1st Offense: Warning.
2nd Offense: Temporary Banning.
3rd Offense: Permanent Banning.
Please Note: I have the discretion ban anyone permanently on their first offense if serious enough.

1) "I hate the freecreditreport.com commercials, they are stupid.
This is a bad example - it simply tells what you don't like. Though the peeve is original, the way the idea is expressed is one
dimensional and unoriginal.THIS WOULD BE DELETED.
2) "I hate Brenda Trent...."
Unless the person is a celebrity, no personal names are to be used. Save that for myspace.THIS WOULD BE DELETED.
3) "I hate the band The Cat's Meow (a fictitious band, by the way :). They are extremely overrated and their lyrics could
be written by a six year old. Their lead singer is very cocky, always comparing himself to Elvis. What's next, is he going to
want to be added into the bible."
This is a bad example for maybe a not-so-obvious reason: not everyone might know the band. Band peeves To clarify post
a picture, video, wikipedia or interview.I WOULD NOT DELETE THIS BUT KNOW YOU MIGHT NOT GET MANY

"You know FreeCreditReport.com? Well you probably have (if not see them here). They play the goddamn commercials
25 million times a day. And we are criticizing Guantanamo bay for torture. The extremely screechy sound of "Free Credit
REEEOPT. Com"! is in my ears longer than any water boarding (see also stocks,sleep deprivation, whippings) could ever be a
pleasure (it can only be a pleasure compared to this) to me. When I'm sitting down only two things happen now: a) I am
singing that blasted jingle in my head or b) someone else is singing the jingle out loud. So thank you free credit report, you have
made brainwashing into a 30 second catchy jingle."
This is a great example. Most people know about them. You explained what they are (in this case, by video), and explained
in a very colorful way why you cannot stand them.

1) If you're not sure about your OMC, simply don't post it.
2) You (via comment) can openly agree/disagree with that person's peeve.
4) Just know, I did not create this group to crap on people or be a "hater". We all have those things that annoy us, lets
just find some people who share our annoyances and talk about them :)